By Appointment Only:

1714 Stockton Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 344
San Francisco, CA 94133
3065 Richmond Parkway, Suite 101   
Richmond, CA 94806   
PH. (510) 223-5167   
FAX (510) 223-0112   
Bay Area Land Surveying, Inc.

Payments can be made to:
Bay Area Land Surveying, Inc.
3065 Richmond Parkway, Suite 101
Richmond, CA 94806

We Accept the following Payment Methods:


Check - See address above

Money Orders - See address above

Chase QuickPay – if you are not an existing Chase card / account holder, you will need to create a Chase QuickPay account. To create an account, please go to and enter the requested information. For details about using the Chase QuickPay service, please see the FAQ page at: . Once your account is set up, please log in and use the “Send Money” tab to transfer funds. Please list the recipient as “Bay Area Land Surveying” and list the email address as Please note that there is no fee assessed from Bay Area Land Surveying for this payment method, however, your financial institution may assess a fee for this service.

Credit Card Payment – Electronic payment with a credit card, PayPal or Square. Please call the office for more information.

In-Bank Direct Deposit – for this payment method, please contact our office for the bank account and routing number needed to deposit payment directly to our business checking account. Chase does not assess any fees for this payment type.

Wire transfer - Please contact our office for more information.